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Listen for a sample snippet of the action-driven insights available in each episode

Mining for Mental Gold


Winning Through Innovation




Host, The Tim Ferriss Show

CEO, Tesla / SpaceX

Close Deals Like an FBI Negotiator with

Get Ahead of the Game




Former Kidnapping Negotiator, FBI

Actor, Breaking Bad

Managing Project


Managing Your Networks




Professor of Harvard Business School

Author, Better Than Before

The Art of Communication


The Nine Growth Principles




Judge, Divorce Court


Designed With Your Success In Mind


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What You'll Learn

Listen for a sample snippet of the action-driven insights available in each episode

Why Startups Fail

Most careers, if you are amongst the smart, motivated high performers, and you're above average, you're doing really, really well. In startups, those people get knocked out every day... 


CEO, Y-Combinator

Don't Fear Failure

Even when you're fully confident in your career's direction, it's key to deliberate and optimize for a certain amount of risk-taking and the possibility of failure.

Aparna Chennapragada

VP of Product, Google

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What comes with each course? 

Courses on Himalaya Learning are designed to teach actionable skills to help you reach your potential at work and beyond. In addition to audio lessons, many courses also come with summaries and curated supplementary resources.

How long are the courses? 

Courses vary in length from 1 to 8 hours. Each course consists of lessons around 5 minutes each.

How do I access my courses?

If you pre-enrolled in a course, you will receive an email when the course is available, along with a special pre-enrollment offer! Visit to apply your offer at checkout.

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