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Make the world’s #1 audio-first learning platform your next employee benefit

Turn personal growth into an employee habit. 

From building mental strength to becoming a better leader, Himalaya’s courses and stories give employees the tools they need to live fuller lives at work and beyond. 

Extensive Content Library

Give employees access to Himalaya’s full content library containing 200+ personal and professional development courses plus daily inspirational stories.

Jump Right In

Whether you’re a small remote team or a large and complex organization, our seamless onboarding experience makes it easy to start listening right away.

Monthly Data Reports

Gain insights into how your team learns and what topics are valuable to them. 

Audio to Educate and Inspire

Take a break from the screen to listen and learn.

Himalaya Stories

Himalaya Courses

Himalaya Stories feature the biggest turning points from the lives of the most extraordinary people. Each story delivers an exciting journey with music and cinematic soundscapes, all in 10 minutes or less.

Our courses cover the most useful and important topics to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Each course is divided into bite-sized, actionable lessons from experts like Mark Manson, Ariana Huffington, and Tim Ferriss.

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What Users Love About Himalaya

"One of the things I like about Himalaya is that you have short little pieces... having a five or 10 minute little thing to listen to that kind of distills something down is a very effective way for busy adults to learn."

"I trust the quality of the courses compared to podcasts around the same topics. When I find a course I want to listen to, I have no concerns that the quality is top-notch."

"It has been really useful to have something interesting to listen to. I love learning new skills and improving myself. I drive a lot and like to make good use of my time, so audio courses are the best option for me right now."

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Megan, Himalaya User

Karina, Himalaya User 

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