S E T H   G O D I N   T E A C H E S  

Essential Principles of Growth

Whether it’s a new business, a non-profit, a local park, or a new innovation, this course will help you build your next great project.

Coming Summer 2020

What To Expect

9 Lessons 

Each 20-minute lesson is an audio riff on the topic at hand, designed to be listened to multiple times.

180+ Minutes

Delivered in his signature style, these podcast lessons are designed to be reviewed, shared and most of all, used as a tool for forward motion.

Stories & Examples

Powerful anecdotes and real-world examples of application will help the lessons stick. 

About Seth Godin

  • Best-selling author, entrepreneur, and thought-leader
  • Author of over a dozen best-selling books
  • Host of the Akimbo podcast 
  • Author of Seth's Blog, one of the most robust and longest-running newsletters in the world
  • 2018 inductee to the American Marketing Association's Marketing Hall of Fame

Here's Your Sneak Peek

Introducing: The Nine

By Seth Godin + Himalaya Learning 

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Himalaya Learning

The audio-first learning platform to fuel your personal and professional growth

140+ Mentors

Spanning 30+ topics

20 lessons

Average per course

6 Minutes

Average per lesson


What comes with each course? 

Courses on Himalaya Learning are designed to teach actionable skills to help you reach your potential.  What you will get from the courses includes immersive curriculums, series of bite-sized lessons, course summaries, and curated resources.

How long are the courses? 

Courses vary in length from about 1 hour to 8+ hours. Each course consists of lessons that are around 5 minutes.

How do I access my courses?

If you pre-enrolled in a course, you will receive an email when the course is available, along with a special pre-enrollment offer! Visit himalaya.com to apply your offer at checkout.

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